Asahikawa to Furano – Haikus

Today we had to options for riding from Asahikawa to Furano.
One group the focus was on flower watching: Hana-mi 花見
(花 – Hana -flower, and 見 – mi – see)
And the other one the focus was hard Pedaling in the mountains.

I chose to be a 花見 today.
And on the way I heard several Haikus:


Colorful flowers on the side of the road
Came out to say Hi!
Lifting spirits high.

Being the mind in the here and now,
The Haiku brought a flower,
Now the Haiku, the flower and I are Pedaling together.


As Summer turns into Fall

As Summer turns into Fall,
And leaves start changing color
Turning brown, red and gold,
And as the hair turns grey,
Or starts to fall,
Do you ponder,
Which is the trail
To go yonder?
In search of not searching,
In need of not needing,

As the crossroads you reach,

without doing much math,

You choose the poet’s path,

Towards the kingdom
of peace, Harmony and wisdom,

Ksemendra in Kavikanthabharanam, a thwefth-century verse treatise on poetic training, compared poets to Nature Sentinels:
With his own eyes a poet
Observes the shape of a leaf.
He knows how to make
people laugh
and studies the nature of each living thing.
The features of oceans and mountains,
The motions of sun, moon and stars.
His thoughts turn with the seasons.
He goes among different peoples
Learning their landscapes,
Learning their languages.

And to you, Dear One who are reading this simple words of dreams and love, may the following Apache Blessing be fulfilled for you:

May the Sun
Bring you energy by day,

May The Moon
Softly restore you by night.

May the Rain
Wash away your worries,

May the Breeze
blow new strength into your being.

May You Walk
Gently through the world and know
It’s beauty all the days of your life.

Toyako to Onuma – Pedaling together as a group

Six birds high in the air,
Were requested to stay together as a group,
But what does it mean to stay together?
The answer my friend is flying with the birds.

One bird is laggnig slightly behind,
What do you do to fly as a group?
We ask the sagging bird…

Chirp Chirp, Quack Quack, here I come!
He said…

Enjoying the beautiful view as I fly, he added…

In the midst of beautiful surroundings,
Shall we bypass Wonder
By speedily pedaling yonder?

Haikus: Hamatombetsu to Nayoro

In the carless road
 A  poem without words,
Silence speaks…
In a carless road
A riderless bicycle,
Pedaling through the Gateless Gate
In a carless road
Green mountains in the background
Flowers watch bicyclist go by…
In a carless road
The forest’s sweet scent
Lungs overjoyed…